Caught My Attention: The long goodbye, developing an iphone app, how to be a mentor, anatomy of an idea and fbootstrapp

  1. The Long Goodbye – An end-of-life account that’s both heartbreaking and funny in equal measure.
  2. My Experience Developing an iPhone App – A blueprint of how to think about and implement an iPhone application from a product perspective. Disclosure: I’ve worked with Howard Ogawa at
  3. How to be a great mentor (and a mentee)  (TheNextWeb) – A quick read with tips on how to mentor professionals and how to accept mentoring by subject matter experts.
  4. Anatomy of an Idea – Steven Johnson wrote one of the few business books that really changed how I think about innovation. In this blog post, he tells us how he works and researches. Great read.
  5. fbootstrapp (github) – HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit for facebook apps. Fbootstrapp is a toolkit for kickstarting the development of facebook iframe apps.

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