Caught My Attention: The effect of collaboration on creativity, dynamic face substitution, innovation at YouTube, new incredible camera and Facebook mining our political sentiments

  1. The Rise of the New Groupthink (NY Times) – Can Design Thinking be actually bad for innovation? Most people are are most creative when alone and uninterrupted, so how will creativity fare in the new norm of team brainstorming and collaborative workplace?
  2. Dynamic Face Substitution – Whoa! Now that’s some awesome but real creepy technology that uses face tracker and color interpolation.
  3. Streaming Dreams (New Yorker) – A fascinating look at innovation at YouTube and how that company will reinvent TV. A must-read for all innovators and business executives out there.
  4. New Camera from WVIL (YouTube) – Debuted at CES 2011, this incredible camera will change photography as we know it.
  5. Facebook Gives Politico Deep Access to User’s Political Sentiments (All Things D) – All your updates, public and private, that mention a political candidate are shared with Facebook exclusive “partners.” That the price we pay for “free” service.

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