Caught My Attention: JavaScript guide, salt boarding, feedback loops in business, the fall of Netflix and data too big to understand

  1. The JavaScript Guide to Objects, Functions, Scope, Prototypes and Closures – Concise and very readable.
  2. Salt Boarding (YouTube) – Awesome video by Devin Graham and score by Stephen Anderson. Devin says: We filmed this all in Utah, on the Salt Flats. This was not shot at all on snow, it was salt, I promise, no hidden tricks or gimmicks 🙂 Because it’s such an awesome location, lots of movies film here… While filming we were able to pull people on the snowboards clocking in at 50 mph 🙂
  3. The Feedback Economy – Why it’s important to employ data feedback loops for your business and how to do it. A must-read for all aspiring data geeks.
  4. Netflix and The Age of the Platform – a cautionary tale of how to operate in today’s business expectations. Learn why Phil Simon is pessimistic about Netflix’s future and what he thinks the company should do to survive its “ultimate demise.”
  5. To Know, But Not Understand (The Atlantic) – In an edited excerpt from his new book, Too Big to Know, David Weinberger explains how the massive amounts of data necessary to deal with complex phenomena exceed any single brain’s ability to grasp, yet networked science rolls on.

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