Caught My Attention: Write or die, connected cars, computers made from cotton, the French connection and education in Finland

  1. Write or Die – The writing Nazi has arrived. There’s no way you’ll procrastinate getting your writing assignments done with this iPad/desktop app. If you do, you risk having your previous work erased. That’s right. This app is not kind on slackers.
  2. Your Connected Vehicle is Arriving – Cars are the new ultimate mobile devices. The mechanical attributes of a car are no longer a clear differentiator in the space of transportation. Cars in the near future are expected to be connected and networked with each other and with your friends.
  3. Transistors Made from Cotton Yarn, T-Shirt Computers Incoming – This fascinating read shows you how a cotton thread is turned into a semiconductor. Computers will no longer be these rigid items made of metal and glass. We will literally be wearing them, and with voice recognition technology getting much better, no keyboard or mouse will be required. You will literally be giving orders to a beanie on your head to check you in, check your vitals, post something to Facebook or find a sushi bar near by. I can already see a future where the iPhone and Siri are “SO 2012!”
  4. Can Nicolas Sarkozy, and France, Survive the European Crisis? (New Yorker) – One of those long, satisfying reads in the New Yorker about the man running France and influencing how the EU deals with its crisis. It’s an eye-opener.
  5. What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland’s School Success (The Atlantic) – A must-read.

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