American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765-1915

I was lucky enough to see the American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765-1915 exhibit at LACMA in Los Angeles almost 14 months ago. It's definitely one of my favorite exhibits, surpassed only by the Machu Picchu exhibit that was held at the Natural History Museum several years earlier.

Below are several paintings that caught my attention by the stories they told and by the beauty they exuded. I hope you enjoy them as well.


John Singleton Copley (American, 1738–1815)
Watson and the Shark, 1778


 William Sidney Mount (American, 1807–1868)
Eel Spearing at Setauket, 1845


Winslow Homer (American, 1836–1910)
Breezing Up (A Fair Wind), 1873–76  


George Bellows (American, 1882–1925)
Club Night, 1907  


John Singleton Copley (American, 1738–1815)
Paul Revere, 1768  


Charles Willson Peale (American, 1741–1827)
The Exhumation of the Mastodon, 1805–8 


Winslow Homer (American, 1836–1910)
The Gulf Stream, 1899   

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