What Top Engineers Want

Good insight into what top talent is looking for in a job. The economy might be bad, but not for those who bring their technical and interpersonal talents to work with them everyday. Yes, technical acumen alone no longer qualifies you as a "top talent." You need the interpersonal skills to back it up.

As an engineer myself, I find that I do my best when I'm afforded a) autonomy and b) power to make consequential decisions. I consider myself very lucky to have been afforded both in my career, and I know many of the engineers I admire and respect have had the same experience. Top engineers are leaders by nature and what they really want is to be treated as such. Great read:

What did I learn that engineers wanted? The people I spoke with were remarkably clear and consistent in their priorities.

  1. Team – top engineers place huge value on the caliber of their future colleagues when making a decision to join.
  2. Size of Opportunity – market size, revenue or usage, exit outcome and their ability to get equity early are all important.
  3. Product Passion – to many engineers, they have to be stoked about the idea to work there.
  4. Culture – a fun, collegial work atmosphere.
  5. Social Good – a surprisingly high percentage of engineers I spoke with placed importance on having a positive impact on a community or society.
  6. Programming Language – many top engineers I spoke with prefer python and don’t like working in PHP.
  7. Personal Lifestyle – commute is a factor in their decision process.

via How I Found a Great CTO – The Huffington Post

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